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I am honored to announce that I am joining with The Ruth Institute to moderate a new feature called "Ask a Survivor." Readers will be able to submit their questions regarding sexual abuse, victimization, healing, etc. Anyone who submits a question will remain anonymous and I will do my best to answer questions honestly in a bi-weekly blog post.

My expertise lies in victimization. Because of what happened to me, I easily empathize with others and can create for them a level of comfort and reassurance as they seek healing.

A lot of times people who have suffered abuse (whether it’s direct as in sexual abuse or indirect as in being sucked into the hook-up culture) don’t know what’s normal when they’re trying to heal. They wonder:

  • Why do I feel this way?

  • Why am I thinking like this?

  • How can I get through this difficult moment?

  • How am I supposed to move forward now that this horrible thing has happened?

A parent or loved one of a survivor might have similar questions:


  • What are the signs of abuse?

  • Why is my child acting like this?

  • How can I help?

  • I’m pretty upset myself. Have I been traumatized too?


These questions are all part of “Survival 101.” Therapy and research are important, but sometimes people just need a “regular Susie” to talk to and to explain things in a simple way. The fields of psychology and criminal justice which survivors tend to find themselves in, can be confusing, overwhelming, and not exactly as good and moral as they should be! 

I have been blogging and answering questions at Faith Restored for roughly three years. I enjoy providing answers to any questions that people might have. Bringing awareness, hope, peace, and healing is always my goal. 

I want Ruth Institute readers to know, above all, “I’m here for you. Let’s talk.”

For more information or to submit a question, please email me at or visit the Ruth Institute's Ask a Survivor page.

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