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Prayer Corner

Welcome to the Prayer Corner!


"For me, prayer is a burst from my heart, it is a simple glance thrown toward heaven, a cry of thanksgiving and love in times of trial as well as in times of joy."

St. Therese of Lisieux

The Prayer Corner is a place for people to connect with each other and with God through prayer.

Here is where you can ask for prayers for yourself or someone else. You can also request prayers of thanksgiving for graces and blessings received! If you simply want to ask for "prayers for a special intention," that's fine too. 

Please send your prayer intentions HERE. Unless you have otherwise noted in your message, your intentions will be listed below so that others can join you in prayer. Once a month, a retired priest friend of my family's will offer mass for these intentions. My family will also remember them in our Rosary.

Note: for the sake of privacy, last names or personal identifying information will not be used below. 

Check back here from time to time and add these intentions to your own prayers. Let's lift each other up in prayer!


Prayer Intentions

List will be updated bi-weekly

Dear Lord, touch our souls with Your compassion for others. Touch our hearts with Your courage and infinite love for all. Touch our minds with Your wisdom, that our mouths may always proclaim Your praise. Teach us to reach out to You with our needs and help us to lead others to You by our holy example. Most loving Heart of Jesus, bring us health in body and spirit that we may serve You with our strength. Touch our lives and work through us so that we may better help our brothers and sisters who are hurting. Amen.

Please pray for:

  • More good, holy priests

  • Modesty in dress of both men and women

  • People to recognize the dignity and worth of every human being

  • The repose of the souls of Chris, Joseph, and Ava and for peace for their family and friends who grieve

  • The repose of the souls of Ellen and Jack

  • The repose of the soul of Maureen

  • The repose of the soul of Michael  

  • Healing and comfort for Nancy

  • Healing and comfort for Jim

  • Healing for Donna

  • Complete healing of Tim's ear condition 

  • Healing of Patrick's cancer

  • Priests who have spoken out against abuses in the Church and been silenced & made to suffer

  • The conversion of corrupt leaders in the church

  • The health of Br. Pio and for peace as he undergoes tremendous suffering

  • Individuals who are tempted by suicide and for those who have taken their lives

  • The repose of the souls of Jean, Phil, and Marissa

  • Peace and healing for those suffering with PTSD

  • Veterans

  • Help, healing, and assistance for an abuse victim who is suffering tremendously at the hands of the legal system

  • Complete healing of an individual's troubling physical/health issues

  • Andy - for peace and healing

  • C - healing 

  • Jessica who is fighting depression and anxiety

  • Michael - for the grace of a happy death

  • Baby Gus - for healing

  • Two women (mother and daughter) suffering from cancer

  • Ali - for good results on her MRI

  • Candy - for healing, for successful cancer treatments

  • Kristine - for healing from cancer

  • Maria - for healing from cancer

  • Elizabeth - for healing from cancer

  • A and family - for conversion

  • Matthew - for conversion 

  • For anyone suffering from mental health issues 

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