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Not Without Effort

Some reflections about healing

+JMJ+ While healing IS possible, it is hard work.  Being authentic, courageous, and strong is hard work, requiring effort, hard work, time, and patience.  Some people will try to get you to believe that, if you just have faith, you’ll be all set. If you just pray, you’ll be all set. Please don’t misunderstand, faith is important! Prayer is important! Both aid in healing and both are huge factors in attaining true and lasting peace and freedom. But the whole person needs to be incorporated in the healing process. The mind, body, and spirit all have a place.  There is no magic pill for healing. There is no one therapy, person, or inspirational quote that is going to make everything suddenly all better. You can journal, go to therapy, pray, exercise, nurse the physical wounds, and make all sorts of healthy choices, and yet you may find that some wounds open from time and time and may still need healing. There may be some part of you that is stuck, still being held by the chains that bind you.  Sometimes the hurt comes back full-force when you least expect it.  There will be long days. There will be bad days. There will be days that feel better than others. There will be days when you have incredible breakthroughs. There will be days when you feel on top of the world. And there will be a whole mix of days in between. It’s all part of healing. Healing requires effort and commitment. And, yes, along with all the physical and emotional work, it requires faith and trust in Our Lord who is the Divine Healer.  Healing isn’t easy, but it is possible. And it’s worth it!  YOU are worth the time, energy, and effort. 

You are not alone and, just because you have bad days, does not mean you have failed. Far from it! When you face the pain, even when it rises unexpectedly to the surface, you are doing what you need to do. You are standing up to the person/ people who hurt you. You are remaining committed to staying on the healing path. You are persevering in spite of suffering. There is no quick fix. Healing, transformation, restoration...they take time.  Healing is hard work. Some days you feel as though you’ve gone ten steps forward and the next you may feel as though you’re going backwards. Sometimes the people around you will understand you, and other times you may feel as though no one understands. Sometimes you might feel supported by community and other times you might feel like you're in this alone. There will be times when you feel as though you have gained a lot and other times when you'll feel as though you've lost everything. It can be completely and utterly exhausting! But the roots of healing must be allowed to go as deep as they need to go.

I wish healing was easy, but it's not. But it is possible!!!   Trust in God’s moments of light, His glimmers of grace. Hold tight to the moments where you say, “YES! I CAN do this!”  Do you know why? Because you CAN do this! You’ve come this far and there is always hope! 

I’m not going to lie to you: healing is hard. You probably already know this, and I want to validate what you're feeling because what you are feeling (although it positively stinks) is normal. But I also want to reassure you that it is possible and I want to encourage you to hang on. God is holding you. He helps you carry your crosses. God has got this! BUT you do need to put in the effort. You can rely on God for help and ask Him for His graces, but you do need to put in the work. Imagine the power of His strength combined with the work and effort you put in!  Yes, my friend, you can do this!!! And, even if you're feeling frustrated and don't see the light ahead right at this moment, keep going! You’re putting in the effort and you WILL see the light again.

Don’t give up. 

You are so precious.

You are so loved.

You are valued.

You are a fighter.

You are a fighter.

You can do all things through Christ who strengthens you.

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