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Living Out God’s Plan

+JMJ+ Whenever I hear someone's story of sexual abuse (or any kind of pain and suffering) I have a sudden, deep-down desire to "break off" a piece of the peace and healing I have been blessed to experience and share it with them.

For many years now, my desire has been to allow God to use me in order to show others that healing IS possible and that it is made even more possible through faith. The other "stuff" (therapy, self-care, affirmations, etc) is vitally important, yes, but including God and putting Him at the center of everything can make all the difference.

Putting myself out there and allowing myself to be vulnerable and real despite my many insecurities is tough but it is what I have personally felt called to do. This is a calling I do not take lightly and one that is soon to change somewhat (more on this soon but it’s something I’m very excited about).

Coming forward publicly about any kind of personal adversity isn't for everyone and I want you to know that it’s okay if you don’t feel called to share with others. God uses us all in different ways!

Whatever your calling, the goal should always be growing others closer to God and bringing others with us. Never were we promised that doing God's will would be easy, but we have the reassurance that, even when things get rough, He is with us. And isn’t it reassuring to know that no matter how imperfect we are and no matter how much we may struggle, God can and will use us?

Everything I try to do in my personal life, here on social media, on my blog, and in my book is about sharing the light of Christ. It's about sharing about His tremendous and unfailing love, grace, mercy, and goodness. It’s about putting the focus on HIM. I don’t always succeed and I am always learning. Daily I am reminded to rely on God’s grace and to always be open to welcoming Him into my heart. In doing so, I pray I can make a difference and encourage others as they seek healing, peace, and freedom.

That, my friends, is the message I pray resonates with you, especially those of you who are suffering.

I don’t know each of you personally but you are all lifted in prayer daily. Thank you for being here. I am grateful for each and every one of you!

I look forward to sharing some changes with you very soon!

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