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Jesus of Divine Mercy

A reflection on Jesus of Divine Mercy

+JMJ+ Jesus suffered everything we suffered. He joins us in our suffering and never leaves our side. Through it all, we can trust in Him.

Many Catholics are preparing to celebrate the feast of Divine Mercy Sunday this weekend. If you've never heard of this extraordinary feast, I encourage you to learn more about it! I love looking at the powerful image of Divine Mercy and it holds a very special place in my heart. This is the devotion I have often turned to when all hope has seemed lost. I have my parents to thank for introducing me to Divine Mercy when I was growing up.

Consider the loving and gentle expression on the face of the risen Jesus. His hand, wounded by the nails, is raised in blessing. His feet, also wounded, continue to walk towards us. From the wound in His side, red and white rays shine forth - blood and water. "The pale ray stands for the Water which makes souls righteous. The red ray stands for the Blood which is the life of souls." (Diary of St. Faustina, 299)

What hits me about this image is that, despite His own wounds, Jesus does not shy away from anything that we suffer. He comes TOWARDS (not away) from us even at our worst, even at our lowest, and even when we think all is lost. Jesus blesses us. He offers us grace. He offers us such extraordinary gifts!

This image reminds me that none of us is truly alone. There is always HOPE for each one of us no matter what we are going through and no matter where we are on our journey. When our suffering is stemming from personal sin and from turning away from God, He is always ready to welcome us and bless us when we return to Him and ask for forgiveness. The more we trust in Him, the stronger His mercy is. God's love and mercy are greater than anything!

This week, as we approach the feast of Divine Mercy, I invite you to contemplate God’s mercy and love. Living a life of faith means listening to Our Lord and making the choice each and everyday at each and every moment to trust in Him. The words “Jesus, I trust in you” are so powerful but also so difficult to say and truly mean them. Trusting in God when we are feeling good and surrounded by light seems easy, doesn't it? Yet, surrender and trust become so difficult when we are struggling and in the dark. However, it is especially during those times that we are invited to say,

“Jesus, I trust in you!”

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