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The Gift of Life

+JMJ+ The deacon distributing Holy Communion this morning unexpectedly blessed my belly (or, rather, the baby growing inside my belly).

I’m not showing very much and so it was quite unexpected but such a beautiful blessing. Deacon Peter blessed our two little ones as he or the priest always does (since they are still too young to receive) but when he ever leaned over and gave the same blessing to my preborn child, I about fell over. Returning to our pew, I had to stop myself from sobbing and for a moment was grateful for the darn mask to cover my emotions.

This growing baby is precious. This so-called “clump of cells” is a LIFE. This tiny baby has value. He/she was created by God for a purpose. As a mother, I can’t wait to see that purpose unfold!

That purpose is the reason every child deserves to be shown dignity and respect and a chance to be born. Every human being that comes into existence has a right to live. I (as have most of you I’m sure) have heard the argument suggesting that if you abort a baby, you could be destroying the next president, doctor, etc. I get it. BUT… the first and foremost reason ALL babies deserve a chance to live is simply for the reason that they were made by God and in His image and likeness. No other reason can or should trump that.

The announcement of our 5th child has been met with mixed reactions. We have been floored and heartbroken to receive some less than charitable comments even by relatives, individuals our children “should” be able to look up to. It’s infuriating that anyone would see any child as an unnecessary convenience, a bad idea, or a burden of any kind.

Honestly, if the idea of a new baby is overwhelming to you personally for any reason, the proper response is to keep your opinions to yourself and simply say, “Congratulations.” That’s it. It’s a common courtesy. How degrading to react in disgust to the news of a child - to the parents and the child!

Then again, people can change and I pray that people who think this way do change. It’s pretty hard to have people in your life who don’t value a child’s life from the very beginning but then acknowledge them at birthdays and Christmas. As if the child’s life inside the womb is any less valuable? Would you say the same horrible things to a child’s face? Or are such comments reserved to say to a mother who is sheltering the most precious gift in this world? Attacking a child at any stage and/or his/her parents is a cowardly and low thing to do.

All of this has gotten me thinking a lot about how our culture responds to large families. The announcement of a first baby is typically met with joy. Keep adding more to your brood and the responses become less enthusiastic. Each subsequent child is seen as less of a blessing and more of an inconvenience.

Despite the natural uncertainties and fears that come with any new baby, every life is a gift. It’s high time our society started viewing children in that way. If only every person could view each and every preborn baby in the same way that our deacon did this morning! How different our world would be!

Every child brings Christ into this world. Apparently some people view adding children to a family is selfish. Listen, if bringing a new life - a new soul and a new tabernacle of Christ - into this dark world is selfish, then we are going to go right on and 👏keep 👏doing👏it👏. ✌️ My husband’s and my goal is to be open to any life God sends us and to raise saints. There is nothing selfish about doing God’s will in your life to the best of your ability.

Every single life - no matter how young or how old - has value and a purpose. Every life is precious. Every child deserves a chance to be born and to live out his/her calling, no matter how short or long that might be. Every child makes a positive impact on this world.

Praise God for the gift of every human life! ❤️

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