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Leading the Way in Difficult Times

A review of One Shall Lead: Within Hearts and Minds By Maria Rosati

One Shall Lead

+JMJ+ In these difficult times, we are all called to lead. This has become more and more necessary as we witness increasing godlessness in the world around us. More than ever, Christians need to find ways to live in the world without being a part of it. At the same time, we are left with the challenge of bringing hope into these dark times and changing the world. I have often said that we are all called to battle but each of us is called to a different battle station. We all need to spend ample time in prayer and reflection, calling upon Our Lord to lead us to whatever battle position He is calling us to. We also have to ask for the grace to remain faithful! Staying in the battle when things around us become so loud and fierce can be tricky. At times, it can feel nearly impossible, can’t it? These are not easy times to navigate, and we all need to encourage one another to grow in our faith and stay the course. We need to lift our brothers and sisters in Christ up, assisting one another in our times of need and relying on God and His love, grace, and mercy. Each and every one of us is called to lead in a unique way. There are a number of ways in each we might be called to lead, but leadership always begins in the home and with ourselves - within our own minds and hearts. Family plays a crucial role in this. If the family is strong and holy, society is strong and holy. If the family is weak and godless, society is weak and godless. Family is the backbone of a God-centered society. This theme and more are woven into the fiction novel One Shall Lead. Author Maria Rosati takes readers on an unforgettable adventure that intertwines faith, family, morals and values, and the issues we all face as Christians in today’s society.

One Shall Lead is a book for our times. I first picked this fantasy novel up well over a year ago. I loved it so much that I started taking notes and writing my review as I was reading. For some reason, my review has been sitting in my draft folder until now! Moving on... the story follows a boy and his siblings on their adventure to discovering more about themselves and their faith. If you are the parent of the reader, be prepared for some hard but necessary conversations. A story like this is a great segway into conversations on many topics relevant to our times including abortion, respect for ourselves and one another, family life, prayer, patriotism, and the increasing liberalism in schools.

I love how the author added in various elements of the Catholic Faith such as devotion to the Rosary. There are many parts of this book, especially in regard to the characters' relationships, that I found myself relating to. The moving story encourages leadership, forming a relationship with God, and combatting evil. The message of hope comes through loud and clear as well as the reminder that, although we are merely human and the forces of evil can be blinding at times, God’s power is far greater. St. John Paul II’s famous quote, “Be not afraid,” particularly comes to mind. Despite the battles we face, we have the gift of our faith, and we have the hope that only Christ can bring. I would recommend One Shall Lead for any Catholic pre-teen, teen, or adult especially for anyone who may be struggling with the evil in our world today. The adventure, fun, unexpected twists and turns, and engaging characters are sure to make an impression and encourage all who read it to be leaders. This would also be a great read for a book club or Faith Formation class! Writing a book that appeals to both children and adults while addressing important issues is no easy feat. There aren’t many authors who are willing to address hot button issues head-on, but Maria Rosati is one of the courageous few. If you are looking for an authentically Catholic book, this is the one to read. I really enjoyed this author's first book and hope to see more of her work in the future. Thank you, Maria, for such an engaging, enjoyable, and inspiring book. Most of all, thank you for using your gift as a writer to encourage others to hold strong and grow in their faith.


You can purchase your copy of One Shall Lead HERE

Disclaimer: this post is in no way sponsored by the author. I read this book on my own and am giving my honest feedback in this blog post.

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