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Easter 2022 Gift Recommendations

+JMJ+ Are you looking for some Easter gifts that will surely be treasured for years to come? Here are some great suggestions for kids and the whole family available from Sophia Press!

Therese of Lisieux: Loving is Giving Everything Away – In this colorful and vibrant graphic novel, St. Thérèse of Lisieux reveals to children the story of her soul and her secret to holiness: “To love is to give everything and to give yourself.” Children will come to understand that the “Little Way” of St. Thérèse consists of trust, love, and generosity, and they will learn how to abandon themselves in the arms of Jesus like the Little Flower.

St. Therese is a favorite in our home and our 9-year-old daughter who is named after this great saint especially enjoyed this book. It's a fun way to learn about and be inspired by the Little Flower!

Our Lady's Wardrobe - This delightful rhyming book introduces Catholic children to the Blessed Virgin Mary in a fun and simple way—through her clothes!

This remains a family favorite! As many of you already know, we love Anthony DeStefano's books and the illustrations in this one are especially breathtaking! You can read my full review of Our Lady's Wardrobe here.

Our Lady’s Picture Book – This book gives kids a peek into Our Lady’s own personal “picture book.” When children read this book, they will not only be captivated by its exquisite images, but will also learn to ask Our Lady to intercede for them with Jesus at all times and in all circumstances.

This book is just as stunning as Our Lady's Wardrobe and is one that your children will pour over time and time again. You can read my full review of Our Lady's Picture Book here.

A Storybook of Saints – Written for children five to eight years old — but a delight for all readers — A Storybook of Saints relates inspiring stories about the world’s greatest heroes: the saints. This collection of delightful stories will spark the imagination of children, move their hearts, and inspire their souls.

We love the simple-to-read short stories. The kids love when we choose a saint to read about every morning as a start to our homeschooling day.

The Silent Knight – A treasure for the whole family, this beautifully illustrated book chronicles St. Joseph’s presence in iconography throughout the centuries. St. Joseph’s loving humility is the model for Catholic fathers, and he is the patron of families and universal patron of the Church.

Perfect for your family to read through together or perfect to give as a gift to the person in your life who loves St. Joseph and art! This is both interesting and beautiful and really eye-opening.

*Disclaimer: descriptions and images from Sophia Press. This post is in no way sponsored by Sophia Press. I received a copy of these books in exchange for my honest feedback and am simply sharing my thoughts in this blog post.

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