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Honoring God-given Femininity

+JMJ+ While women around us can certainly inspire, motivate, and encourage us, it is to Mary and the saints to whom we should look to first and foremost, especially when it comes to honoring our God-given femininity. Mary changed the course of human history with her “yes” to God. She is “blessed among women.” We will celebrate this “yes” on March 25th, the feast of the Annunciation. 

As Mary and the female saints show us, we can submit to God’s design for us and joyfully embrace who we are. Too many women today base their worth on a worldly definition of womanhood (if the world can even tell us what a woman is).

Isn’t it odd that we speak so much of women’s equality and women’s rights, but we never address the obvious fact that women are repeatedly exploited? Some girls aren’t even allowed to live outside the womb! The assault on womanhood is so painfully obvious. We are degraded on a day-to-day basis on TV, in magazines, and just about everywhere. No one bats an eye. Things such as abortion, pornography, premarital sex, contraception, and immodesty (to name a few) have become “normal.” 

Too many women have gotten used to being paraded around like commodities. Sadly, some women even willingly allow it saying that it's "empowering" and believing that it's all being done in the name of "choice." Many women have even sunk so low as to be entertained by watching the exploitation of other women. Reality tv shows (such as The Bachelor) are a perfect example of this. We call them "guilty pleasures." Really, they're just plain filth. The patterns that programs such as these perpetuate are harmful. They hurt our culture (as if it's not hurting enough already).

These days we’re all about honoring “boss babes” and independent fiery women who are willing to do just about anything they need to do to get above the rest. Don't get me wrong, God doesn't call all women to the married life. Some women might be called to a career kind of vocation. There's nothing wrong with that, but a career shouldn't detract from a woman's God-given femininity.

Marriage and motherhood (or even the desire for them) are scorned. Self-sacrifice is looked down upon. Women are encouraged to make life all about "me, myself, and I" (oh, and maybe climate change). Let's not forget self-care! Pursuing the selfless vocation of marriage and children will only take away from the vast amounts of self-care that is absolutely necessary for your well-being and survival.


Listen, I'm not knocking good self-care but sometimes it really is overkill.

Ladies, we need to open our eyes and accept the fact that we don’t have to be the domineering, self-centered, fearsome, narcissistic feminists we see in Hollywood. Life isn't about filters, having a perfect body, having the perfect hair and teeth, or about sharing ridiculous amounts of selfies so that everyone can tell us how wonderful and attractive we are. It's not about competing with men or with other women. We don't have to make a name for ourselves. We really can help others without needing constant recognition. Believe it or not, being selfless and living simply and humbly can be good and holy.

This life is about earning Heaven. Our goal should be sainthood.

Just as true femininity seems to be a lost virtue, so does true masculinity. Men are either emasculated and encouraged to be more feminine or they are encouraged to be controlling and abusive. So many men have been taught to view women as mere objects to use for their own selfish pleasure. This is not masculinity as God intended. Men were designed to lead, guide, and to protect. Today's man is not godly or chivalrous nor is he living in accordance with God’s plan or His laws. These men are unable to lead in the ways that God intended. 

Society suffers when men and women don’t embrace God’s design for one another. We see it so clearly all around us. 

Women have their own unique talents and gifts. Men have theirs. Let’s celebrate those differences. Let’s allow those differences to complement each other as God intended. 

Ladies, be bold. Remember that we can do seemingly impossible things with God's help. But let’s also be virtuous. Let’s strive to imitate the Blessed Mother instead of the women who are idolized today - the Taylor Swifts, Oprahs, Kim Kardashians, and J.Los of the world. Let's embrace our feminine strength and virtues of modesty, humility, gentleness, generosity, sensitivity, etc. Let’s lift each other up, encourage one another on the path to sainthood, and embrace our unique talents and gifts.

Let's honor our God-given femininity and do it for the greater glory of God.

Holy Mother Mary, pray for us!

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