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Christmas Books Gift Guide and a Giveaway

Offering some book recommendations (and also doing a little giveaway) that would make wonderful Christmas gifts

+JMJ+ The Advent season has officially begun! I pray that you will be touched in a special way by this season of preparation and hope. Instead of becoming completely bogged down by the hustle and bustle of this time of year (it’s so easy to fall into that trap), I hope you are able to focus on what this time of preparation is truly about.

When we add Christ into our shopping, decorations, caroling, delicious foods, etc these otherwise empty things can add so much beauty to the holy seasons of Advent and Christmas. Making it a point to give our loved ones and friends gifts with holy significance is also a way to bring the light of Christ to others and bring them a message of hope.

For over a year now, I have had the privilege of reviewing many books and today I want to share with you some of the wonderful Christmas books available from Sophia Press. I especially love their children’s selections! The books I chose for this post would make beautiful gifts and are sure to touch the hearts of people of all ages. What a great way to put Christ back into Christmas!

Go to the end of this post for the links to order your copies and for a special giveaway. I’ll be giving away two of these books!


The Spider Who Saved Christmas

By Ramond Arroyo

Beautiful and sweet story focusing on the Holy Family and the flight into Egypt. Stunning illustrations!

Sometimes hope comes from the unlikeliest of places. In The Spider Who Saved Christmas story, it comes from a spider. This just goes to show that God can use any of us (no matter who we are) to bring light to the world. Sometimes we are so busy judging people who seem different from us that we don't take the time to see the good, joy, and beauty they bring. In the case of the spider from the story, she actually helps to save the Holy Family by using the gifts God has given her.

You can read my full review HERE

______________________________________ Joseph’s Donkey

By Anthony DeStefano

A beautifully illustrated book touching on many lessons while introducing readers to the somewhat mysterious person of St. Joseph!

Joseph’s Donkey is a beautiful way to open up children’s eyes to the somewhat mysterious person of St. Joseph, the foster father of Jesus. This story is about a faithful, hard working, and noble donkey who is an important part of the Holy Family. This is a captivating story with stunning images and the prose my family adores in many of Anthony’s children’s books.

Read my full review HERE


The Beggar and the Bluebird

By Anthony DeStefano

A heartwarming story containing layers of meaning, this book is perfect to read and discuss as a family.

The Beggar and the Bluebird is about a bluebird who is determined to fly South but is sidetracked by a beggar asking for help. This is a beautiful reminder to do all that we do with love and, if we do that, our reward in the end will be great. Just as the bluebird helps the beggar, we are called to help those in need. Jesus comes to us in all forms especially in the meek, humble, and simple. We don’t need to respond with grand gestures either. It’s all about simplicity and doing what we are called to do.

Read my full review HERE


The Vatican Christmas Cookbook

By David Geisser & Thomas Kelly

Stunning photos and delicious recipes!

Learn about the diverse traditions of the Vatican and how each pope brings his own customs and traditions to Rome.

I am certain that this cookbook will inspire readers to incorporate new traditions into their holiday celebrations. Flipping through the pages is like taking a tour into Rome and the Vatican. This is a wonderful addition to any Catholic kitchen but would also make a lovely gift!

Read my full review HERE


The really great thing about all of these books I mentioned (the children’s ones in particular) is that these stories will grow with your children and family. These stories are timeless and no one will ever be “too old” to appreciate their messages and beauty.



Would you like a chance to win one of these books? Please go to my Facebook or Instagram page and find the Giveaway post for more information! I’ll be giving away two of these books to two lucky winners!


Links to order your copies of these books (links are non-commissioned):


Disclaimer: this post and giveaway is in no way sponsored by Sophia Press. I received copies of these books in exchange for my honest feedback and am sharing my thoughts in this blog post.

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